Surface technology

Individual and specfic solutions

We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of surface treatment and industrial cleaning. Our unique solutions have proven themselves in the automotive, aerospace, medical and many other highly specialized industries. Whether it is manual or machine cleaning, solvent or water-based media, we always recommend our partners the most suitable, cost-effective solution for the given task.In addition to our self-developed products, our portfolio includes relevant products from the world's leading manufacturers.


Jaekoclean™ products


Our self-developed product line includes hydrocarbon, tetrachloroethylene, and alcohol-based stabilized solvents that can be used with outstanding efficiency in solvent cleaning equipment. With our stabilizing their service life can be significantly extended.




Safechem products allow you to achieve the desired parts cleaning results in a safer and more sustainable way. It is safer because their SAFE-TAINER ™ system has developed to store, transport, load and dispense the solvent in closed containers with zero emissions. It is sustainable because it works according to the principles of Responsible Care®, Product Stewardship and Circular Economy: the fresh solvent is delivered in the SAFE-TAINER ™ system and the used solvent is returned to the SAFE-TAINER ™ system for recycling. In addition, the life of the solvent in a closed cleaning plant can be extended by using SAFECHEM Service Elements products, optimizing the "on-site reuse cycle" of the solvent.



We have been representing Henkel's products related to relevant surface technologies as a prominent professional distributor in Hungary for almost 10 years. With a wide range of Bonderite cleaning, surface treatment, coating products, lubricants and related engineering services, we offer our partners a full range of services. The LOCTITE® brand of adhesives, sealants and surface treatments is also available. We provide solutions that are load bearing, strong and durable, and suitable for the most demanding industrial applications.



We sell ElmaClean chemicals, which is the cleaning solution portfolio of Elma, one of the leading ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturer. We offer a variety of cleaning concentrates and ready-to-use detergents specifically for ultrasonic equipment. From anhydrous or aqueous cleaning and rinsing solutions to lubricants - all products are available in different packaging.